Congress prepares PFAS legislation

Episode Summary

As a deal for the National Defense Authorization Act keep eluding lawmakers, members of the House are pushing a backup plan to address the chemicals. Pro's Annie Snider is following these regulations on the Hill. Also, climate protesters plan to take Nancy Pelosi's office, and Rick Perry's name is expected to resurface during the impeachment hearings.

Episode Notes

Regulations for toxic chemicals known as PFAS are expected to come along with the National Defense Authorization Act. But since controversial issues like the border wall are keeping lawmakers from reaching a deal on the NDAA, some House members have launched a major push for regulations, and have a drafted a Hollywood star to their cause. Also, climate activists are taking over the office of the Speaker of the House, as the impeachment probe carries on in the House. And, the House Science Committee subpoenas the Trump administration because of a scuttled formaldehyde assessment.

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