How small environmental groups are shaping the 2020 presidential race

Episode Summary

Environmental justice has become a central issue in the 2020 Democratic race, and Pro's Zack Colman is following some of the small groups that have motivated the grassroots movement on this issue nationwide. Plus, more controversy is brewing between the E.P.A.'s inspector general and the agency's chief of staff. And, some 2020 nominees speak about climate change.

Episode Notes

Environmental justice has become an important issue on the 2020 presidential race, and historically ostracized groups are now playing a major role on the campaign trail. Pro's Zack Colman is following these groups, and how environmental justice is playing out on the campaign trail. Also, the E.P.A. inspector general fires back at the agency's leadership, as investigations pile up on the chief of staff. And, some of the 2020 presidential nominees speak about climate change on national television.

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